Paul Revere Awards for Graphic Excellence

Paul Revere Awards for Graphic ExcellenceEstablished in 1964 in honor of the 200th anniversary of the first music engraving in America by the famous silversmith Paul Revere, these awards were initially given as a means of alerting the music industry to the advantages of providing the best possible publication from the viewpoint of engraving, graphic arts and production standards. Today the awards still recognize outstanding examples of graphic design, with an emphasis on usability for orchestras, educators, libraries and individuals.

For the first time ever, both the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 awards and application process will be entirely digital.

Award Winners

Touring Schedule

Due to COVID-19, the Revere Awards will not be touring until further notice.

The Paul Revere Award winning publications are available for display at libraries, schools, and other institutions.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting an exhibit, please contact us via the contact page.

selected 2012 winning scores
selected 2012 Revere Award winners

2019-2020 Application Instructions


All member companies of the MPA are eligible. Any publication originating in the USA and produced for general distribution and sales through regular channels between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020 is eligible, provided it has not been previously submitted. 



  • Notesetting uses guidelines and conventions as a means to providing the best possible communication to the performer(s).
  • Notesetting is neither overcrowded nor overspaced
  • Notes are spaced in aesthetic proportion to their duration
  • Notesetting follows conventional rules but allows for innovations and exceptions where they improve the readability of the music
  • Spatial relationship of noteheads, beams, staff, musical symbols, tempo indications and lyrics so that the elements are seen within the peripheral vision of a performer
  • Choice of text and music fonts is aesthetically and pragmatically planned
  • Vertical alignment of staves and systems and choice of staff size
  • Relationship of music to white space on page
  • Cues and other clarifying marks are used to facilitate performance
  • Size of edition allows for sufficient information per page to minimize page turns
  • Layout accommodates need for page turns



  • Originality and conception is valued
  • Impact and relevance of art to the musical content will be considered
  • Balance of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements
  • Harmonious balance between typefaces and styles, design and color



1A Cover Design
1B  Design in Folios

2A Choral Music
2B Keyboard Music
2C Guitar Music
2D Piano-Vocal Music
2E Full Scores
2F Solos (with accompaniment)
2G Solos (without accompaniment)
2H Chamber Ensembles (score and parts)
2I Collated Music (band, orchestra, or large ensemble score and parts)

While you may submit a single publication for judging in more than one category, please note: only one category code per form title is allowed.



Judges will be selected by the Revere Awards Committee and awards will be announced via a special streaming presentation in the early Spring. 

Decisions of the judges will be final. 

Each Publisher may submit up to FIVE entries. Please note that if a publisher submits two publications for judging in two categories each, that would be four submissions. The entry form must be completed according to the instructions. Entries must be submitted no later than January 15. 

 A fee of $50 must be submitted with each application. This fee covers up to FIVE submission forms. If you are unable to pay electronically and would like to send a check, you may contact us directly. 



Fill out the Registration Form; a link should have been sent to your MPA representative.

You will be emailed a copy for your records upon submission.


Please note the following when attaching your submissions:

  • Submit PDFs without watermarks so that our judges may evaluate without distraction
  • Publishers are asked include a thumbnail of cover art in jpg format
  • Publishers agree to grant permission to having one page of the score displayed at the streaming awards and/or online 
  • MPA may request physical copies of winning scores for potential tour
  • Category: reference the category codes included under “Publication Categories.” For example: 1A, 2B, 2C, etc. 
  • Judges reserve the right to re-categorize entries
  • Copyright: Reference both the Date and Owner of the copyright (if different from the publisher) 
  • INPUT NAMES, TITLES and OTHER INFO as they should appear on winning certificates and on the MPA web site