Resources for Educators

On this page you will find lesson plans for both elementary students and college level/future music educators.

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The MPA is pleased to share the new comprehensive presentation geared towards college students, “Copyright And You: A Guide For College Music Students”.

Prepared for college level instructors, this presentation includes:

  • High quality, accurate content which educates and engages the audience
  • Designed as a 50 minute presentation, the deck of PowerPoint slides may be altered to fit specific time limitations
  • Speaker notes are included for more in-depth information
  •  A question/answer section presents students with real-life situations
  • A Copyright Resource Guide handout

You can download the PowerPoint presentation (with talking prompts) HERE.

A narrated version in video form is available HERE.

Please download the accompanying PDF guide HERE.

For K-12 educators is the product of a synergy between the National Music Council and the Music Publishers Association of the United States. Both organizations work to foster a healthy environment where creators of works and intellectual property are encouraged to contribute their talents to the benefit of society.

PDF downloads of lessons plans and educational activities can be found HERE.

Please visit our friends at the National Music Council for additional resources.