Directory of Publisher Imprints

Etoile Music

Ettore Music


Eufaula Music

Eule Music (partial)

European American Music Corp. (performance catalogue)

Evergreen Entertainment Group

EverGreen Morning Press

Evergrowth Publishing, Inc.

Exaltation Publication

Exaltation Publications

Excelsior Music Publishing Co.

Exist To Resist

Expanded Musical Concepts

Extra Innings Music

F. A. Mills

F.E.C. Leuckart

F.E.L. Publications, Ltd.

Faber Music, Ltd. (UK) (partial sales)

Faber Music, Ltd. (UK) (rental & partial sales)

Faber Music, Ltd. (UK) (works of Schnberg only)

Faber Piano Adventures

Fairhill Music (partial)

Faizilu Publishing

Falferious Music

Fall Line Orange Music

Fall River Music, Inc.

Fallen Leaf Press

Falls House Press

Fame Publishing Co., Inc.

Fame Publishing Co., LLC

Family & Friends Music

Family Style Publishing, Inc

Famous Music Corp.

Fancy Pants Music

Fargo Music, Inc.

Farm Lake Music

Farren Square Music

Fat Jack the Second Music

Fatrock Ink

Fazer Music (Finland)

Fear of Change Music

Featherwind Productions

Felix Wolfes Estate

FEMA Music Publications

Fennica Gehrman