Directory of Publisher Imprints

Golden Sands Enterprises Inc.

Golden Torch Music Corp.

Golden Unlimited Music

Golden Unlimited Music Inc.

Golden West Melodies, Inc.

Goldline Music

Goldmine Music Company

Goliard Press

Good Life Publications

Good Token Music

Gopam Enterprises, Inc.

Gordon Music

Gordon Music Co.

Gordon V. Thompson

Gordon V. Thompson (Canada) (choral music)

Gordon V. Thompson Music

Gospel Alley

Gospel Music Roundup Publishing

Gospel Publishing House

Gospel Quartet Music Company, Inc.

Goss Brothers Music Company

Goss Chadwick Publishing

GPS Music Group

Graceful Samba Music

Graffiti Talk Music

Gram Cora's Music

Grand Illusion Music

Grand Pop Publications

Grandview Island Publishing

Granite Music Corp.

Grapes of Rath Music

Grateful Bread Music

Great Cumberland Music

Great Foreign Songs, Inc.

Great Lakes Music Enterprises, Inc.

Great Palomino Music

Great White Productions, Inc.

Great Works Publishing, Inc.

Green Forever Music

Green Peace Publishers (Japan) (Chopin Facsimile Edition) (non-excl.)

Green Shadow Music

Greer Productions

Greg Howard Music