Directory of Publisher Imprints

Four Iron Music

Four Knights Music

Four Moons Music Publishing

Four Moons Music Publishing Group

Four Mountaineers Music

Fox Film Music Group

Franaises de Musique, ds. (France)

Franco Columbo Publications

Frangipani Catalog

Frank & Nancy Music Inc.

Frank E. Warren Music Service

Frank Guida Publishing

Frank Loesser Literary & Musical Trust

Frank Loesser Literary & Musical Trust

Frankie Rich Music

Frankly Scarlet Music

Fred Ahlert Music Corp.

Fred Bock Music Co.

Fred Bock Music Company, Inc.

Freddy Bienstock Music Co.

Frederick Charles Inc.

Fredonia Press-Discs

Free Soul Music

Fresh Springs Music, Inc.

Fricon Entertainment Co.

Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag

Friends First

Friends of Max Janowski (exclusive)

Frstner Ltd. (works of R. Strauss only)

Fruit Jar Music

Full Force Productions

Full Keel Music

Funki-Gruv Music

Fur Dixon Publishing

G & M Brand Publications

G P I Publications

G P S Music Group

G. Henle Verlag

G. Reb Publishing

G. Ricordi & Co. (Italy) (rental & contemporary music sales, UK sales)

G. Ricordi & Co. (Italy, Paris) (sales)