Directory of Publisher Imprints

Vinyl Child Music

Viola World Publications

Vireo Press

Virginia's Own Music

Vision-Light Music

Visionary Music Publishers

Vivace Press

Vizator Music Company

Vlazville Music

Volkwein Publications

Volta Music Corp.

VSC Compositions, Inc.

W & K Publishing

W & K Publishing Corp.

W B Music Corp.

Waifersongs Ltd.

Walden Music, Inc.

Walk on Moon Music

Walkerboot Music Group

Walking Frog Records

Wallyworld Music

Walton Music Corp.

Wandachord Music

Wandee Music

Warner / Chappell Rental Library (performance catalogue)

Warner Alliance Music

Warner Brethren Music

Warner Brothers, Inc.

Warner Chappell Music Norway A/S

Warner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB

Warner House of Music

Warner Sojourner Music

Warner-Chappell Music

Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.


Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Warneractive Songs, Inc.

Warnerbuilt Songs, Inc.

Warnersource Songs, Inc.

Washington Music Ministries

Watercolor Music

Waterton Brass Music