Directory of Publisher Imprints

Rowser Music

Royal Music Publisher

Royal School of Church Music

Royal Tapestry

Royal Tapestry, Inc.

Rub Songs Publishing (partial)

Rudall Carte & Co., Ltd. (UK)

Rumanian Pickleworks Music

Rushing Water Music

Russian Music (VAAP/RAO/MMI)

Russischer Musikverlag-Koussevitsky

Rutgers University Documents of Music

Ryme\\ 'n\\ 'mynds Inc.

S & R Music Publishing Co.

S & R Music Publishing Company

S B K Entertainment

S-Press Music

S.A. Music Co.

Sacred Music Press (non-excl.)

Sacred Songs

Sailor Music

Sailor Music/Silk Stocking Music

Salton Street Music

Sam Fox Publishing Co. (rental)

Samfundet (Denmark)

Sammy Gallop Music

Sammy Nestico Music

Sands Music Corp.

Sandy Knight Music

Sanga Music Inc.

Sanga Music, inc.

Santa Barbara Music Publishing

Sashay Music

Saw Mill Music Corp.