Directory of Publisher Imprints

Ocean of Melody Music

Oceanna Music Publications

OCP Publications

Octave Music Publishing Corp.

Ol' Jawbone Music

Old Professor Music

Olde Clover Leaf Music

OMI - Old Manuscripts & Incunabula

OMI Old Manuscripts & Incunabula

On Backstreet Music, Inc.

One Eye Soul Publishing Company

One Hundred Eighth Street Publishing

One of a Kind Music

One Omik Music

One Stop Shop Music

One Vincent Music

Ongaku-No-Tomo-Sha (Japan) (partial)

Onward Bound Music

Open Worship Music

Orbi-Lee Music

Orbiting Clef Productions, Inc.

Oregon Catholic Press

Orphee Publications

Orpheus Publications

Orrin Hatch Music

Otay Music, Corp.

Overland Music Distributors

Oxford Hill Music

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press (New York & Oxford)

P. Jurgenson / Muzyka (Russia)

P.A. System, Inc.

Pacific Press Publishing

Pacific Publications

Pacsa Music Publishers

Paganiniana Publications

Pagchten Music (partial)

Pal Dog/335 Music