Directory of Publisher Imprints

Mr. Bones Music Publising Inc.

Mr. Music Corp.

MTM Music Publishing

Mucho Music

Muddy Paws Music

Mulatto Music (rental)

Muldoon Music (partial)

Mulligan Publishing Co., Inc.

Multi-Key Publications

Multiple Breath Music Company

Murbo Music Publishing, Inc.

Muses Gardin Editions

Music & Media International, Inc.

Music & Repairs

Music 19/Michiko Yurko

Music Alley

Music Box Dancer Publications

Music Co. of North America

Music Corp. of America, Inc.

Music Crusaders

Music Entertainment Group

Music for Percussion, Inc

Music for Percussion, Inc.

Music In Action

Music Lab

Music Legacy

Music Makers Publishing Co.

Music of Windswept

Music Press

Music Sales Corp.

Music Sales Corporation

Music Together LLC

Music Works (band)

Musica Mundana (Holland)

Musica Propria, Inc.

Musica Russica

Musical Comedy Productions, Inc.


Musicians Publications

Musicians Publications (Bill Holcombe)

MusicLand Ltd. (UK)

MusicNotes, Inc.

Musicord Publications

MusicPlace Publishing

Musikverlag Hilaria

Musikverlag Vogt & Fritz (Germany)

Musikverlage Hans Sikorski

Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag (Vienna)