Directory of Publisher Imprints

Infinity Music International

Ink Pen Exorcism Music

Innermission Music

Institucin Fernando El Catlico (Spain) (non-excl.)

Integra Music Group

Integra Recordings

Integrated Copyright Group, Inc.

Integrity Inc.

Integrity Music, Inc.

Integrity's Alleluia

Integrity's Hosanna! Music

Integrity's Praise! Music

Intercollegiate Music League, Inc.

Intercollegiate Syndicate, Inc.

Interior Music

Interlochen Press

International Church Publications, Inc.

International Korwin Corp.

International Music Co.

International Music Co.

Intertrax Music Inc.

Intuit Music Group

Iona Community, The

Ione Press, Inc.

Ipanema Music Corp.

Ipsy Pipsy Music

Ira Gershwin Music

Irving Berlin Music Company

Irving Berlin Music Corp.

Irving Mills Music

Irwin Bazelon

Irwin Publications

Isaacs Family Publishing

Island Visual Arts USA

Islip Music Publishing

Islip Music Publishing Co.

Israel Brass & Woodwind

Israel Music Institute (Israel)

It's A Classic Publishing

It's a Gonna Rain Music

It's A Hit

Ivan Mogull Music Corp.

Ivan Parker Publishing

Ivory Palaces Music

J & H Publishing Co.

J & H Publishing