Directory of Publisher Imprints

G. Ricordi & Co. (Italy, Paris) (sales)

G. Schirmer Inc.

G. Schirmer, Inc.

G.I.A. Publications

Ga2wana Music

Gaither Copyright Management

Gaither Music Company

Galahad Music

Galahad Music Inc.

Galaxy Music Corp.

Galaxy Music Notes

Galleria Press

Galliard, Ltd. (UK) (non-excl.)

Gallico Kid Music

Gamble-Huff Music

Garden Gate Music

Garden Rake Music

Garden Valley Music

Garner House Music

Garrett Music Enterprises

Gary Georgett Music

Gates Music

Gathering Family Songs

Gathering Together Songs

Gatlin-Breeden Music

Gator Music

Gatticakes Music

Gaudia Music & Arts

Gaudia Music & Arts (partial)

Gaviota Music

Gazebo Series

Gear Publishing Co.

Geffen Again Music

Geffen Music

Gem Music Inc.

Gemrod Music, Inc.

Gems Music Publications

Gene Autry Music Company

Gene Autry Music Group

Gene Autry's Western Music

Gene Autry's Western Music Publishing Co.

Gene Ink Publications (Gene Scheer and Andrew Thomas), excl.

General R. Lee Music

General Words and Music Company

Genesis III Music Corp.

Genesis Press (distr. only)

Genevox Music Group

Gentry Publications

Georg Bauer (Germany)

Georg Olms Verlag (Germany) (non-excl.)