Directory of Publisher Imprints

Boobie Loo Music

Boosey & Company, Ltd. (UK)

Boosey & Hawkes Music Ltd. (UK)

Bosken Music

Boston Music Company

Bosworth & Co. Ltd. (UK) (non-excl.)

Bosworth Music (UK)

Bouie Publishing Company

Bouillabaisse Music

Bourne Company Music Publishing

Bowling Green Music

Bowmar Records and Music

Brampton Music Inc.

Bramsdene Music Corp.

Brass Press

Brass Star Music Company


BrassHeart Music

Braxilliance Music Publishing

Brazilian Music

Bread 'n Honey

Breeze Music Switzerlane

Bregman, Vocco and Conn, Inc.

Breitkopf & Haertel

Brenda K Publishing

Brentwood Music Publishing, Inc.

Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc.

Brett Songs

Brian Trace Music

Brian's Dream Publishing

Brianhead Music Co

Brichtmark Music, Inc.

Bridge & Mill Music

Bridgeport Music

Bridgeport Music, Inc.

Brier Patch Music

Brig-Nar Music

Bright Ray Music

Bright Tunes Music Corp.

Brighton Music Corp.