1996 Paul Revere Award Winners

Collated Music

  • 1st Prize - The Courtly Dances Boo
  • 2nd Prize - Fanfares and Alleluias Southern Music Company
  • 3rd Prize - Zacatecas Southern Music Company

Folio (Chamber Ensemble)

  • 1st Prize - Trio MMB Music, Inc.
  • 2nd Prize - Trio International Music Company

Folio (Children's Educational)

  • 1st Prize - Keys for the Kingdom Level A Shawnee Press, Inc.
  • 2nd Prize - Nineteen American Folk Songs G. Schirmer

Folio (Full Score)

  • 1st Prize - Symphonic Dances from "West Side Story" Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
  • 1st Prize - Three Occasions for Orchestra Boo
  • 2nd Prize - Ballet Music from the Mannheim Court A-R Editions, Inc.
  • 2nd Prize - Fourteen Motets A-R Editions, Inc.

Folio (Popular)

  • 1st Prize - Q's Jook Joint Quincy Jones Music Publishing
  • 1st Prize - Turbulent Indigo Warner Bros. Publications
  • 2nd Prize - The Songs of Berry Gordy Warner Bros. Publications

Folio (Solos with Accompaniment)

  • 1st Prize - Soli e Duettini C.F. Peters Corporation
  • 2nd Prize - Llef Oxford University Press
  • 2nd Prize - The Works for Violin and Piano G. Schirmer
  • 3rd Prize - Symphonie Gothique A-R Editions, Inc.

Folio (Standard)

  • 1st Prize - Daniel Read: Collected Works A-R Editions
  • 2nd Prize - The Chopsticks Variations Dartmoor Music
  • 3rd Prize - Album of American Piano Music International Music Company

Octavo (Large Works)

  • 1st Prize - Mass for All Saints C.F. Peters Corporation

Octavo Sheet Music (Single Titles)

  • 1st Prize - Spirit of the Child Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
  • 2nd Prize - Gregorian Chants for Christmas Theodore Presser Co.
  • 3rd Prize - Entrance and Hymn Oxford University Press

Quarto or Off-size Sheet Music (Standard)

  • 1st Prize - Cadenzas for Mozart's Flute Concerti Theodore Presser Co.
  • 1st Prize - Here's One The John Church Co. (Presser)

Folio (Vocal Score)

  • 2nd Prize - Lasso: The Complete Motets, Vol. 10 A-R Editions, Inc.

Octavo Sheet Music (Collection)

  • 2nd Prize - 150 Rounds Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.