Carl Fischer, LLC
48 Wall Street, 28th Floor
New York NY 10005
Clearance Representative:
John Guertin
Member Affiliation:
Music Publishers Association
Church Music Publishers Association
National Music Publishers Association
Imprints Held:
  • Zia Press *
    Weaner-Levant *
    Visionary Music Publishers *
    UNMP, Inc. (U.K.) *
    Theodore Presser Co. *
    Thorpe Music Publishing Co. *
    Sounds of Praise and Celebration *
    Spartan Music Press (UK) *
    Soc. for the Pub. of American Music *
    Socieded Espanola de Ediciones Musicales, S.A. (Spain) *
    Rork Music, Ltd. *
    Rick Latham Publications *
    Ries & Erler *
    Roberton Publications (UK) *
    R.D. Row Music Company *
    Power Music Co., Ltd. (UK) *
    Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne (Poland) *
    Pan Educational Music (UK) *
    Pembroke Music, Inc. *
    Oliver Ditson Company *
    Ongaku-No-Tomo-Sha (Japan) (partial) *
    New Music Edition *
    New Music West *
    Mowbray Music Publishers *
    Mulatto Music (rental) *
    Multi-Key Publications *
    Music Press *
    Missing Link *
    Mercury Music Corporation *
    Meriden Music (UK) *
    Merion Music, Inc. *
    Merrymount Music, Inc. *
    Lindsay Music (England) *
    Leadchoice Ltd. (partial) *
    Krazy Klassics *
    King Brand Manuscript Paper *
    John Church Company *
    J. Christopher Music Co. *
    Impero-Verlag (Germany) (partial) *
    Israel Music Institute (Israel) *
    Hunt Edition (UK) *
    Henry Lemoine et Cie. (France) *
    Heugel et Cie. (France) (nonexcl.) *
    Heugel et Cie. (France) (rental) *
    Hildegard Publications *
    Hildegard Publishing Co. *
    Hamelle et Cie. (France) (nonexcl.) *
    Gemini Press *
    Fillmore Music House *
    Franaises de Musique, ds. (France) *
    Excelsior Music Publishing Co. *
    Fatrock Ink *
    Elkan-Vogel, Inc. *
    Emerson Editions (UK) (nonexcl.) *
    Ensemble Music Press *
    Editions Aug. Zurfluh (France) *
    Editions Billaudot (France) *
    Editions Bizet (Belgium) (partial) *
    Editions Bornemann (Paris) (nonexcl.) *
    Editions Chantraine *
    Editions Jobert et Cie. (France) *
    Editions Musicales Transatlantiques (France) *
    Editions Robert Martin (France) *
    Edizioni Brben (Italy) *
    E. Henry David Music Publishers *
    Eastman School of Music *
    Eddy, Trustees Under the Will of Mary Baker *
    Editio Musica Budapest (Hungary) (partial) *
    Edition Heuwekemeijer (Netherlands) (partial) *
    Edition Reimers (Sweden) *
    Donemus (Holland) *
    Duchess Music Corp. (rental) *
    Dunsinane Music *
    Cundy-Bettoney Company *
    D. Rahter (UK) *
    Composers Library Editions *
    Consortium Musical (partial) *
    Coronet Press *
    Costallat (France) *
    Columbia Music Company *
    Charles Foley Publications *
    Choudens (France) (partial) *
    Carl Fischer, LLC *
    Casia Publishing *
    Casia Publishing Co. *
    CD Sheet Music LLC *
    C.W. Homeyer Company *
    Cambium Music Publications *
    Camden Music (UK) *
    Broadbent & Dunn Ltd. (UK) *
    Boccaccini & Spada Editori (Italy) *
    Beekman Music, Inc. *
    Barta Music *
    Anton J. Benjamin *
    Ars Nova (Netherlands) (partial) *
    American Music Edition *
    Alphonse Leduc & Cie. (nonexclusive) *
    Aldo Bruzzichelli (Italy) *
    ABC's of Strings *
    Adolph Sandole Music Publishing *
  • WVD Press (sales)
    Woodbury Music Co. (partial - rental)
    Universe Publishers
    Tritone Press
    Trust Management (rental)
    Tuscany Publications
    Tenuto Publications
    The Choir Project (partial)
    Surosalida Music Corporation
    Saw Mill Music Corp.
    Sam Fox Publishing Co. (rental)
    Robert King Music for Brass (partial)
    Piedmont Music Co. (rental)
    Pendragon Press (partial)
    Orphee Publications
    Music Box Dancer Publications
    Mayfair Music Publishing
    Leo Sowerby Foundation
    J. & M. Dolmetsch Plastic Recorders (UK)
    Irwin Bazelon
    Irwin Publications
    H.W. Gray (rental)
    Gaudia Music & Arts (partial)
    George M. Cohan Music (rental)
    Gilpin Publishing Co.
    Franco Columbo Publications
    Felix Wolfes Estate
    Editions Mario Bois (rental)
    Editorial Cooperativa Interamericana de Compositores (Montevideo) (partial)
    Edward B. Marks Music (rental)
    Ediciones Mexicana de Musica (partial)
    Dr. Downing Music
    Coburn Press
    Chappell (band rentals only)
    Casa Musicale Sonzogno (Italy)
    Cavata Music Publishers
    Belwin Publishing (Rental)
    Alameda Music Co. (rentals)