Directory of Publisher Imprints

Stone Street Music

Stonebridge Music

Stormking Music Inc.

Strada Music

StraightWay Music

Straitway Music

Streamline Moderne (partial)

Strictly Rockers Music


Studio Music (UK)

Studio Music Publishing Co. Inc.

Studio P/R, Inc.

Studio per Edizioni Scelte/S.P.E.S. (Italy) (non-excl.)

Su-Ma Publishing Co.

Su-Ma Publishing Company

Subito Music Corporation

Subito Music Publishing

Subito Music Publishing, Inc.

Sugar Melodi, Inc.

Sugar Song Publications Inc.

Sugarmusic Canada Ltd.

Sultan of Song Publishing

Summy Birchard Inc.

Sunburst Music Co.

Sunburst Music Company

Sunhawk Digital Music LLC

Sunset Burgundy Inc.

Sunshine Music Co.

Superhype Publications

Supreme Enterprises International

Supreme Enterprises International Corp.

Surosalida Music Corporation

Suzuki Method International

Suzy Hamblen Music

Swallow Turn Music

Sweet Andie Music

Sweet Angel Music (partial)