Directory of Publisher Imprints

Shire Reeve Music

Shiroisan Music

Shoecrazy Publishing

Shoefreak Publishing

Shoi Shoi Music

Shooka Music

Shoot No Blanks Music

Shoot No Blanks Music Inc.

Short Order Music

Short Rose Music

Show What You Know Publishing

Shrimp Music Company

Sierra Music Publications

Silver Tunes


Siquomb Publishing Corp.

Sis 'n Bro Music Inc.

Sister John Music, Inc.

Sixteen Stars Music

Ski Free Music

Skinny Zach Music

Skokie Music

Skymonkey Music

Sleeping Porch Music Publishing

Slocum Hollow Songs

Smart Chart Music

Soc. for the Pub. of American Music

Socieded Espanola de Ediciones Musicales, S.A. (Spain)

Societe de Musicologie de Languedoc (France) (non-excl.)

Sola Scriptura Songs

Solid People Songs

Someday Music

Somers Music Publications

Somerset Press

Sometimes You Win Music

Son-Key, Inc.