Directory of Publisher Imprints

Brighton Music Corp.

Brilliantz Music

Bring It Back Home Music

Britt-N-Brenn Music

Bro 'n Sis Music Inc.

Broadbent & Dunn Ltd. (UK)

Broadbent Music

Broadhead Music

Broadman Press

Brockman Music

Brodt Music Co., Inc.

Brodt Music Company

Broken Consort

Broken Songs

Brooklyn Tabernacle Music

Brother Bill's Music

Brother Hubbard Music Co.

Brother Max Music

Broude Brothers Limited

Broude Brothers Ltd.

Broude International Editions, Inc.

Broude Trust for the Publication of Musicological Editions

Brown Wright Productions

Brownie Music

Bruce Springsteen Music

Bruin Music Co.

Brumley Music

Brydn Record Productions

Bubster Music

Buccina Ltd.

Buckhorn Music Publishing, Inc.

Buckhorn Publishing Company

Buckthorn Music Press

Bud-Don Publishing

Budd Music Corp.

Buddy Killen Music, Inc.

Buena Vista Music Co.

Bug Music Inc.

Buggy Music

Built On Rock Music

Bullfrog Ballades

Bulls Gap