Directory of Publisher Imprints

Tom Collins Music Corporation

Tom Collins/Collins Court Music

Tommy Valando Publishing Group

Tommy Valando Publishing Group, Inc.

Tonos Editions

Tony Turner Music

Too Strong Songs

Top Billin' Music

Torch Lady Music, Inc.

Tori Taff Music

Tortoise Music

Total Music Services, Inc.

Touch of Gold Music

Touchstone Pictures Music & Songs, Inc.

Townsend and Warbucks Music

Traficante Music Publishing Co.

Train Depot Music

Tranquility Base Songs

Transcontinental Music

Transcontinental Music Publications

Transition Music Corporation

Treble C Music

Treble Clef Music

Trebron Music (partial)

Tri-Star Pictures

Triad Music, A Division of Good ife Publications, Inc.

Tribute To Momma Publishing Company

Trillenium Music

Trillenium Music Company

Trilliun Music

Trio Music Company

Triple Star Music, Inc.

Triplo Press

Tritone Press & Tenuto Publications

Triumvirate Music, Inc.

TRO Inc. (The Richmond Organization)

Trova Publishing

Troy Martin Music

Trumpet Call Music

Trunksong Music, Ltd.

Trust Management (rental)

Trust Music Management