Directory of Publisher Imprints

Chesky Productions Inc.

Chesley Music Corp.

Chevis Publishing Corp.

Chick Rains Music

Chilly Winds Music

Choctaw Music Publishing Co.

Choral Press

Choral Repertoire Society

Chordle's Creations

Choristers Guild

Choskee Bottom Music

Choudens (France) (partial)

Choudens (France) (rental)

Chris Lane Music

Chris White Music

Chris-N-Jen Music

Chrismon Music

Chrisquita Step Music Publishing

Christina Grit Music Press

Christmas And Holiday Music

Christophe Dorsaz Editeur (Switzerland) (non-excl.)

Chrysalis Music Group, Inc.

Chrysalis Standards, Inc.

Chuck Sayre Music

Church Publishing Inc.

Chux-Deluxe Music

Circular File Music

CITW Productions

ClarNan Editions

Clarus Music, Ltd.

Classic Artists Publishing

Classical Vocal Reprints

Clayton F. Summy Company

Claywell Music Series

Clean Cut Tunes

Cleveland Communications

Cliff Starkey Music

Clydesdale & Clydesdale Music

Coal Dust Music, Inc.

Coal Dust West Music

Coal Miner's Music, Inc.

Coburn Press