Directory of Publisher Imprints

Sweet Virginia Music

Swiftwater Music

Sycamore Hill Music

Sylena Music Company

Syntropy Music Publishing

T M Productions

T S P Music, Inc.

T.D. Ellis Music Publishing

Tabernacle Publishing Company

Tallyrand Music, Inc.

Talmadge Productions

Tara Publications

Tarlick Music Press

TAS Enterprises

TayKen Music

TBQ Press

Tea Jar Music

Teaching and Learning Company

Techno-Pinnochio Music

Ted Koehler Music Company


TEK Publishing

Templeton Publishing Company

Tempo Music Inc.

Tempo Music Publications

Tempo Music Publications, Inc.

Tempo Press

Tender Tender Music

Tennessee Colonel Music

Tennessee Music and Printing Co.

Terrace Music

Terrapin Music

Terri Gibbs Music

Terry Billy Music

Terry Toler Publishing


Teshuvah Music Inc.

Test Imprint

Tetra/Continuo Music Group

Texascity Music, Inc.