Directory of Publisher Imprints

Lee Magid, Inc.

Lee Mendelson Film Productions

Lee Roberts Publications

Leeds Music Corp.

Leesong Storyteller Music

LeFevre-Sing Publishing Company

Legacy Five Music

Legation Music Corp.

Legendsong Music

Legia (Choral line imprint)

Legrand-SPQR Music Production

Legs Music, Inc.

Lehsem Music, LLC

Lehsem Music, LLC (USA only)

Lehsem Songs (USA only)

Leiber & Stoller

Leighton Music (partial)

Leo Feist, Inc.

Leo Robin Music

Leo Sowerby Foundation

Leonard Bernstein Music Publishing Company

LEP Interactive

Les Presses de Taize

Les Presses de Taize (USA/Canada only)

Les Taylor Music

Leslie Music Supply (Canada) (non-excl.)

Lew Bob Songs

Lewis Music Publishing Co., Inc.

Li'l Dave's Music-God's Music

Liben Music Publishers

Liben Publications

Libreria Musicale Italiana/LIM (Italy) (non-excl.)

Lic Spiffy Music

Life Music, Inc.

Life Source Music

Lifeway Christian Resources

LifeWay Worship Music Group

Light of the World Music

Likasa Music Publishing

Lil Mama Music

Lillenas Publishing Co.

Lillenas Publishing Company

Lillies In The Alley Music

Lily Pond

Lily Pond (Big Hill)