Directory of Publisher Imprints

Bernier Publishing

Berrypatch Music

Best of Zion Music

Bettis House Music

Beulah Blue Song

Bibbitsong Music

Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis (Italy) (non-excl.)

Big 3 Music Group

Big 3 Publications

Big A Music, LLC

Big Bobcat Music

Big Fish Music

Big Groovy Music

Big Man Little Man Publishing

Big One Three Music

Big Round Music

Big Sky Music

Bigfish Nashville Songs

Biglow-Main-Excell Co.

Bill Berends Music Publishing

Bill Edwards Publishing

Bill Monroe Music

Birch Island Music Press

Birchwood Music Company

Bird of Christ Music

Birmingham Brown Songs

Bixio Music Group Ltd.

BJ Records

Black Bandana Music

Black Bull Music, Inc.

Black Cinderella Productions

Black Coffee Music, Inc.

Black Ice Publishing

Black Keys Music

Black Squirrel Music, Inc.

Black Sun Music

Black Thunder Music

Blackbird Star Music