Directory of Publisher Imprints

Hohn Rich Music Press

Hollyville Music

Hollywood Pictures Music

HolPic Music, Inc.

Holy-Owned Music

Homeland Press

Homestead Press

Homeward Bound Music

Hookline East

Hope Publishing Company

HoriPro Entertainment Group

Horton Street Music

House of Bryant Publications, L.L.C.


House of Knox

House of Lovelace Music

Houston Publishing, Inc.

Hovey Music Company

Howard Beach Music Inc.

Hub/Warwic Music Co.

Hudmar Publishing Co.

Hudson Bay Music

Hug (Switzerland) (performance catalog)

Hull House

Hummingbird Press

Humongous Music Publishing, Inc.

Hunt Edition (UK)

Huntsinger Music (partial)

Hymns Ancient and Modern


I Knew Kirk Music

I.M.4.T. Songs

Ice Cold Pro

Ice Nine Publishing Co., Inc.


Icka-Delick Music & Records Corporation

IDG Publishing

IJJ's Praise Music Co.

IMMA Publishing Co.

IMMA Publishing Company

Impero-Verlag (Germany) (partial)

In The Green Publications

In The Trenches Music

In Your Ear Music

In-flight Music

Indeep Music

Indigo Mood Music