Directory of Publisher Imprints

Alexis Music Inc.

Alexis Musikverlag (Germany)

Alexscar Music

Alfred Avenue Music

Alfred Lengnick & Co. (UK) (rental)

Alfred Lengnick & Co. (UK) (sales)

Alfred Publishing Company

Aliben Music

Alien Autopsy

All Boys USA Music

All My Children Music

All Nations Music

Allaire Music Publications

Allan Roberts Music

Allans Music Australia

Allegis Publications

Allen Shamblin Music

Aller/Esty Music (partial)

Alliance Media

Alliance Publications, Inc.

Allison Music, Inc.

Alliv Records

Almitra Music Company, Inc.


Alpha Major

Alphonse Leduc (France)

Alphonse Leduc-Robert King, Inc

Alright Bug Music

Alry Publications

Alry Publications Etc., Inc.

Alshire Publishing Cos.

Always Alive Music

Amaranthine Jazz

Amare Dromeha

Amazing Music World

Amberson Enterprises, Inc.

American Academy of Music

American Broadcasting Music

American Broadcasting Music and ABC Music, Inc.

American Compass Music Corp.

American Composers Alliance

American Composers Edition