Directory of Publisher Imprints

Coronet Press

Cos Cob Press

Cotillion Music

Counterpoint Music Publications

Country Classics Music

Country Road Music, Inc.

Cousins Music

Covenant Music

Covina High Music

Covitt Music

CPP/Belwin Music

Cranz Editions

Crazy Crow Music

Crazy Wisdom Music

Creative Entertainment Music

Creative Music Publishers

Creature Comfort Music Co.

Crewsons Corners Music

Criterion Music Corp.

Croce Publishing

Cross Purpose Music (partial)

Cross/Word Publishing

Crossfield Music

Crow Notes Music

Crowdaddy Music

Crystal Eyes (partial)

Crystal Sea Recordings

CSA Incorporated

Cumberland Hill

Cundy-Bettoney Company

Curb Records/Curb Songs

Curnow Music Press, Inc.

Curtis House of Music

Curtis Music Press

Curwen & Sons, Ltd. (UK)

Cypress Publishing

Czech Music Fund (Prague) (rental)

D C I Music Video

D. Rahter (UK)

D.C. Publications

d.w. music

Dacisa Ltd. (Uruguay)