Directory of Publisher Imprints

Nice Noise, Inc.

Nick-O-Val Music Co., Inc.

NickOVal Music Company, Inc.

Night Fighter Music

Night River Publishing

Nike Neun Publishing

Nilkamm Music

Ninik Music (partial)

Nippy Music

No Pain No Gain

Noa-Noa Songs

Nomad Noman Music

Norbay Music

Noreale Music Inc. (Warner)

Norman Lee Publishing, Inc.

Norruth Music, Inc.

North Eden Music

Northeastern Music Publications

Northern Music Company

Northlight Music

Northlight Music (Edition Wilhelm Hansen)

Northridge Music Company

Notable Music Co., Inc.

Noted for the Record

Notevole Music Publishing

Notre Dame Choir Editions

Notre Dame Choir Editions (USA)

Novello & Co.

Novello & Company (UK)

Novello Music (UK)

Novus Via Music Grou

Novus Via Music Group

NPG Publishing

Nth Degree Songs

Nuevo Horizonte Publishing

Nujac Publishing Co., Inc.

Nytvid Music Co.

Oak Publications